Impossible Bottle Flip

Game description
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Impossible Bottle Flip game you will have to participate in the adventures of a plastic water bottle. For example, towers, houses, bridges and so on. The challenge is that the bottle is quite unstable and unreliable. If you hurry a bit, the design will collapse and you’ll have to start all over again. The first levels will be very simple – you need to put one bottle on top of the other and make it as evenly and as quickly as possible. Moreover, tasks will become more complex, but you can deal with them if you think. The character will have to go a certain route around the house. You will see it at the starting point of your journey. A little further, there will be several objects separated by a distance. You must not let the bottle fall to the floor. Therefore, with the help of the mouse, you should throw the bottle so that it flies over a distance and descends over the object. So after going all the way you can go to the next level.
Controls: Mouse.