Momo Horror Story

Game description
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In the Momo Horror Story game, you become a man who communicates with momo by message and is chased by the momo monster. There are two modes in the game, classic mode and weapon mode. You get a message on your cell phone and it comes from this horrible monster that tells you not to call the police, or it all gets worse. You will be ignored, and now you have to stay and stay alive until the cops come home. The light generator is off and before the monster catches you in the Momo Horror Story, you have to head to the bottom of the house and send it back to your house.
WASD walk
Mouse to look around
Left mouse button to attack
Right mouse button to change flashlight and aim
Mouse wheel to change weapon
G for hand grenades
R to charge
F for interaction
Swipe left to run
Released CTRL
V close
Space to jump