Zombie Tsunami Online

Game description
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Zombie Tsunami Online is a free online zombie game where you must fight against hordes of infected cadavers who have not died. Your mission will begin from the moment you choose a fighter, and you will walk out in the street among these monsters. Earn so many points and try to stay away from hordes of flying zombies to stay the moment you’re attacked, attack and defend. Avoid helicopters, bombs and holes so you don’t lose precious creatures and check out the most famous places on earth!
Mouse = virus spread. Arrows / WASD = movement level. Scroll Up/ Down = Zoom In / Zoom Out.
Z = full view
X = Normal view
ESC = options
O-view goals
(+ / -) =Fast forward / Normal speed
1 = virus
2-4 = use support
5-8 = call special zombies