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Strike Force Heroes 4 Hacked

Strike Force Heroes 4 Hacked
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Get secret information Strike Force Heroes 4 hacked, infiltrate rival territories, and enter into intense shoots against your enemies! Strike Force Heroes 4 hacked is a shooting game full of action with more than 20 challenging levels. An extremely mysterious company is trying to seize the world’s power. As a leader of the Strike Force Heroes, it is your task to fight this company. Your mission begins in South America. Find a fighter and dispute the first missions. In which you can earn a lot of money. You should definitely invest in the skills of your people or their weapons and equipment. You also have the possibility to recruit new men and women. Your task in this Strike Force Heroes 4 hacked game should be clear: Go to the enemy territory and clean it from the opponents present her without hurting yourself.

Hack Information:
Hackbar: Press 1 Toggle Godmode – 2 Toggle Ammo – 3 Toggle Rapid Fire – 4 Toggle Tired – 5 Killstreak – 6 Win Level – 7 Level Up – 8 Funds (10000-100000) – 9 Slot Machine (1-7) [NOTE: Please clear your cache or browser’s history to see the latest update.]

Game Information
Slot Machine Hack:

1 – Poop = “Gross!”
2 – Armor = “Armor Mod!”
3 – Attach = “Weapon Mod!”
4 – Gun = “Weapon!”
5 – Star = “Refined!”
6 – Sky = “Flawless!”
7 – Sfh = “Perfect!”

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